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Capture the flag and the links will follow

Make sure to regularly check in on inbound links that you’re aware of, and the websites that they are coming from. Some companies ultimately don’t go the distance — or may outright change what they do. If a company you once wrote a blog for is now going down a path that you’re not necessarily comfortable with, you might want to look at asking them to take the post down. You agreed to provide them with content in good faith that they were a certain type of business — and now they aren’t.
It’s also a good reminder to check the links on your own site, to make sure that they are connecting to sites that are still active, rather than 404 error pages, or redirecting to generic homepages.
If you have the patience for it, this technique can be extended beyond your own site, to your advantage.

When it comes to inbound linking, the web really is a self-perpetuating popularity contest. According to SEO Leeds, the more other websites you can convince of your worthiness to link to, the more links you’ll generate. And the more valuable links pointing to you, the more Google will push you up the rankings. It’s a no-brainer — capture those links, and you’ll continue to work your way towards that top spot on the search-results page. Stay in people’s good books online and offline, and it’ll pay off in every way!

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